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Selling Collection, 20 Puzzles, Lube, Bags, Boxes, and More! (Must buy all, seeking $80, shipping included)


Aug 21, 2015
Hello, I am selling most of my cubes, none of them are that new, however. I am only willing to sell the puzzles as one order, but there are 20 puzzles and more that you would be getting.

I am only willing to ship the puzzles within the US, but I am including shipping in the price, which I am thinking $80 at the moment. I would like payment to be over paypal or venmo, amazon gift cards may be accepted as a last resort.

Most of the puzzles have been set up and lubed, but none have received many solves or treatment recently. Some puzzles have been restickered, and only a few puzzles have minor chips on stickers,

If you are interested, please mention so below, I may negotiate as I am trying to get rid of these sooner than later but want them to receive a rightful new owner.

Image of collection (size limit on post was too small even after compression)


Yj fisher cube
Blue qiyi sail? (Budget cube with all blue shades of stickers)
Primary cubicle-lubed aolong v2
Xman megaminx stickerless with inner ridges
Cyclone boys 2x2 stickerless
Yj guanlong(?) square 1
Moyu lingpo 2x2
Stickerless Dayan zhanchi
Stickerless Yuxin 5x5
Gans 356 (with box)
Master pyraminx (“4x4”)
Xman magnet pyraminx stickerless
Mofangge stickerless skewb
Mofangge big 3x3 (68mm)
Qiyi ivy cube
Maru nano cube (15mm)
Cubicle 1x1
Super floppy cube
Guoguan yuexiao
Cubicle thunderclap
Random budget 3x3 from chinatown (stickerless pink/pastel)
Shengshou kilominx


3 cubicle bags (blue, grey, black)
3-5ccs of cubicle silicone lube weights 1-5
10ml maru lube x2
Random stickers/hardware/tools/cube stands
Business cards and solving tutorials
Hardwareless stickerless thunderclap v2
Cubicle mat
Old stackmat timer (V1)
1 qiyi cube bag
2 mofangge cube boxes
2 yuxin cube boxes with coin slot
1 cubicle cube cover (Forgotten in picture, this: https://www.thecubicle.com/products/cubicle-cube-cover?_pos=1&_sid=bd09be2e0&_ss=r )
1 speed stacks bag (Forgotten in picture, this: https://www.thecubicle.com/products/speedstacks-gear-bag?_pos=2&_sid=988b41477&_ss=r )