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Selling Cheap Cubes! Come Buy! Free Shipping international!


Mar 26, 2013
Okay so, I joined speedsolving, so I could sell a couple of cubes and accessories that I have. All of these cubes are new, unopened, and have free shipping ANYWHERE.

The cubes that I have for sale are:

-57mm Dayan Zhanchi Black & White: 1 of each.(slightly lubed with factory lube) *12 dollars each*

-Wittwo V1's Black and White: 1 of each. *$12 each*

-Dayan Panshi: 2 black, 1 white. *$14.50 each*

-3 C4U Spring, core, and screw sets *$4 each*

-2 Shengshou Wind's: Black and white *7.99 each*

The used cubes I have for sale are:

White Cubetwist Pyraminx: $9

White LanLan 2x2: $5

I need to sell these cubes within a month, give or take a few weeks, or my mom throws them away, hence the prices. I am open to negotiations and paypal accepted only! Shipping from HK, China and I use USPS Standard shipping!