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SELLING Bunch of New Cubes


Dec 31, 2018
I bought too many cubes! Lol. I am selling off my stash

1) Pearl Shenshou, Black ... $6
2) Fangyuan Fluorescent stickers, Primary ... $6
3) Pandora cube , black ... $5
4) Shengshou Mirror Block .. $5
5) Qiyi Jelly Pyraminx QiMing ... $5

6) Valk Stickerless (SOLD)
7) Shengshou Gem Megaminx ... $6
8) Thunderclap V1 ... $8
9)Thunderclap V2 ... 8
10) MF3RS3 ... $10

All items are in new condition, and original packaging.
I can only ship within the US. I am only able to take Paypal .

Each item will have to be shipped separately for $4

Price is slightly flexible, Please Direct-Message me for price queries and offers. Otherwise, I can entertain other questions about these particular items in this thread.
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