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Selling BLACK GTS 3M (SOLD)!!!

May 30, 2018
United States
I've been told that I can't for confidentiality reasons.

In short, I had personally made a request for a black cube, to which they replied "we have to check with our production line to see if this is possible. If it is, we can send one."
What's so confidential? You quoted them right here about how your conversation was, and you also sent pictures. If the minimum for the cube is now $64, don't you think people should have evidence that it's not dyed? (Which can be done for less than $10)
Dec 13, 2015
New York
Just received the black GTS3 in the mail!

It is absolutely wonderful! I can confirm it isn't a dyed stickerless version.

Honestly, I want moyu to mass market this variant. While it feels like a GTS2 in your hands, it turns just like a GTS3. The internals are all GTS3, though the cube doesn't really have external ridges.

It is currently my new main, and I'll probably get lube to reduce spring noise and aliken the feeling to my prefferences.

He is a trusted seller!
Jan 30, 2018
Yes, it is a black GTS 3M, and it is currently the only one in existence (confirmed by Moyu). They have not mass produced these, and this was custom-made.

Proof in pictures. I took a piece out to show you that it is exactly the same as the stickerless version, just black.

Taking offers. Because this is the only one out there, it won't be cheap. The stickerless one is also for sale.

Edit: Current highest bid is $64. I will leave this up until tomorrow at 11:59 pm EST, and if no one else has offered higher, the cube is sold.

$25 for the stickerless.

Edit2: the cube feels like a standard GTS 3m. Personally I can't really tell the difference between the stickered and the stickerless, solely based on feeling.

EDIT3: This cube is NOT DYED. It is a custom made cube with black plastic.

Edit4: Attached pictures from moyu.

Edit5: still available 10/19/18, offers still being taken
Hello i just go this stickerless gts 3m for 25 dollras shipped good seller trusted!