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Selling all sorts of cubes!

Sep 14, 2018
My Desk
I will set these cubes up if you want, just pm me. Venmo is preferred. You pay shipping, 4$ for one cube 7$ for two+ cubes.
Feel free to make offers!

YJ GuanPo Plus (Black, and Stickerless)- $2
Shengsho Gem 2x2 (Stickerless)- $2
YJ YuPo M (Pastel Stickerless)- $3
Yuxin Little Magic 2x2 (Stickerless)- sold
Old Cyclone Boys 2x2 M (Stickerless)- sold
Qiyi Jelly 2x2 (Jelly plastic)- $4
Gan 249 M (Stickerless)- $9

Gan X w/ Accessories (Stickered, Numerical ipg)- $40
Weilong GTS1M (stickered)- $25
Guoguan Yuexio edm (stickered)- $17
Giiker smartcube V2 (stickered)- $30
Weilong gts2m (stickered)- $15
Guanguan Yuexio pro M (Stickered)- $15
YJ MGC (stickered)- $10
YJ MGC v2 (stickered)- $13
Moyu AoLong GT M (Stickered, Black Plastic)- $10
Fangshi ??? M (Stickered)- sold
Shengshou FangYuan v2M (stickered)- $9
Shengshou Gem (stickerless)- sold
MF3RS M (Stickerless)- sold
Transparent Moyu Cube M- sold
QiYi warriar W (jelly plastic)- sold
Qiyi Thunderclap M (Stickerless)- $8
Qiyi big sail M (White Plastic, Stickered)- $5
Yuxin Black M (Stickerless)- sold
Yuxin Black v2 M (Transparent, tiled)- sold

Qiyi wuque M (Stickerless)- $15
MF4 (Stickered)- $3
Unknown 4x4 (stickered, fairly good)- 4
Qiyi Jelly 4x4 (Jelly Plastic)- sold
Yuxin Black (Stickerless)- $3
Shengshou Gem (Stickerless)- $2
Moyo Aosu gts M (stickered)- $15
Qiyi Thunderclap M (stickerless)- $13

Big cubes-
Yuxin Little Magic 6x6 M (stickerless)- $35
Yuxin Cloud 5x5 M (stickerless)- $10
QiYi Jelly 5x5 (Jelly plastic)- $6
Qiyi Wuji 7x7 Magnetic Inner (Stickerless)- $10
Some sorta 6x6 M (stickerless)- $15
MF5 M (stickerless)- $10

Other Cubes-
Cosmic Volt M (stickered)- $20
Qiyi Squan (stickered)- $4
Galaxy v1 M megaminx (Stickerless ridged)- $10
Moyu Megaminix (stickerless)- sold
Mirror Blocks (blue)- $2
Moyu magnetic pyra (stickerless)- $6
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