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Selling a sealed Gan 356 Air SM! (30€)


Oct 5, 2018
So the title says it all lol, I'm selling a brand new Gan 356 Air SM for 30€ (converted in $ if needed), the reason for this is simply because i mis-purchased it on cubezz.com and wasn't able to get my order cancelled on time. I bought it 33.15€ (see Screenshot attached) and selling it for a little lower price to make sure I can really get people to buy it to me :p
Proof of the Cube purchase in the 2nd attached Screenshot.

If you're interested, please DM me or contact me on discord, I'm on the Cubers discord server but you can add me : Oscar#5067.

I have not received it yet but as soon as I get it, if you're someone that contacts me to buy it I'll sell it immediately.

Have a nice day!


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