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Selling a lubrication kit


Apr 4, 2016
I've got a spare unused 10cc bottle of Lunar lube from SCS, a bottle of DNM-37 (around 3/4ths left) and a syringe of weight 2 from the cubicle (half full). I'm looking to sell both of these, preferably in a bundle as a piece lubing kit. I've used a combination of these in the pieces of my Valk since I got it, and it results in a great fast + controllable feel, and makes the cube super smooth (Weight 2 on the tracks and the lunar on the contact surfaces + DNM to finish).

I'm asking $20 + shipping, which is significantly cheaper than if bought from retail. Please feel free to hit me up with offers if you have any, though. :)


Jan 30, 2018
would buy for like 10 but if not it is fine :D, personally i already have dnm37 so i dont really need it