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Selling A BUNCH OF Cheap Cubes!!!!

Puzzle Cuber

Nov 14, 2017
Trying to get rid of some cubes in my collection because it's filling up so I'm willing to take offers!! PAYPAL only and US SHIPPING ONLY. Shipping is $4
I also have some Extra parts and broken cubes if anyone want it for free with any purchase. (Must Ask to get one)

Qiyi Qiheng Megaminx- White- $2

Witeden Mix Up cube- Black- $14

Supernova Weipo M- Black- $22

Diansheng UFO- White- $3

Yj Guansu 4x4- Black (broken in) $5


Shengshou Megaminx- BLACK- $4

V Cube 2x2- pillowed- $7

Rubiks Void Cube- black- $5

Moyu Aolong v2- BLACK- $7

Qiyi Qiming Pyraminx- Black- $4

Yj Guanlong 3x3- White- $2

Gan Air Ultimate- BLACK- $13

Moyu Huanlong 3x3- BLACK- $7

Qiyi Wuque 4x4- black- $14

Yj 5x5- white- $5

Rubiks monkey 2x2- black- $5

Mirror floppy cube- black- $5

Magnetic MF3RS- Black- $10

Mofang Jioshi Pyraminx- black- $4

X2- black- $27

Diansheng 3x3 tetra shape mod- black- $5

Qiyi budget 5x5- stickerless- $5

Shengshou 2x2- white- $2

1x2x3 Qboid- stickerless- $5

Qiyi Wushuang 5x5- black- $15

Shengshou legend 3x3- black- $3

Dayan XiangYun 3x3- stickerless- $6

Diansheng Case Cube- black- $5

Eastsheen 4x4- black (rare)- $10

Witeden 3x3x5- black- $9

Guoguan Yuexiao Pro 3x3- black- $12

Yuxin Multi Cube- Black- $25

Qiyi Snake cube- stickerless- $3

Yj Yusu 4x4- stickerless- $4

Qiyi Thunderclap v1 3x3- black- $6

Chuwen 2x2- black- $6

Random 3x3- stickerless- $2

Shengshou Legend 2x2- black- $2

Diansheng barrel cube- white- $2
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