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Selling 3x3s: Stickerless Dayan Guhong and Stickered Moyu AoLong v2


Oct 5, 2010
I had a previous thread where I sold 4 of my cubes but i found 2 more 3x3s that I would like to part with.

- Black stickered MoYu AoLong v2 - $9
-> perfect condition, stickers flawless, maybe 40 solves on it. a fellow member checked pics and its a v2

- Stickerless Dayan Guhong - $7
-> good condition, has a couple hundred solves on it.

Shipping only to the US and will be around $3-4 extra. But i can combine shipping if you buy both. Prices negotiable, I'd like to sell them so i can upgrade to a new cube :) I haven't been cubing for 4-5 years now so if my prices are incorrect just let me know or send an offer.

I've transacted several times here before so i'm happy to provide references if required.
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