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Selling 35+ cubes for cheap at Worlds!


Sep 4, 2017
Massachusetts, USA
Just as the title says :). Not really looking to trade unfortunately. All prices are of course negotiable, I'll accept anything decent probs lol. All prices USD and all sales final. Will accept USD or aud for payment tho. Can send photos of any at request. To reserve one you can reply here, pm, or google hangouts to [email protected]

Magnetic Stickerless Qiyi Wuxia 2x2 SOLD
Black Kungfu Yeuhun 2x2 - 7
Black Gan 356 Air UM - 22
Black Qiyi Wuque 4x4 - 12
Black Qiyi Wushuang 5x5 - 12
Black Moyu Weichuang GTS 5x5 - 12
Stickerless Yuxin 5x5 - 10
White Shengshou 6x6 - 12
Black Yuxin Red 6x6 - 15
Black Moyu Weishi GTS 6x6 - 15
Black Mini Shengshou 7x7 - 15
Black Moyu Magnetic Pyraminx - 10

Non WCA:
Black Witeden 4x4 Mixup Cube - 18
Black Moyu Fisher Cube - 10
Black Shengshou Kilominx/Kibiminx - 8

Did not bring to worlds, might be willing to ship:
Black Yuxin White 2x2 - 8
White Witeden 2x2 - 5
Black Qiyi Cavs 2x2 - 4
Black YJ Guanpo 2x2 - 3
Black Valk 3x3 - 12
Black Yuxin Fire 3x3 - 3
Stickerless 42mm Dayan Zhanchi 3x3 - 8
Black Qiyi Sail 3x3 - 3
Black 60mm Sail 3x3 - 6
White Moyu Weisu/Aosu 4x4 (not sure which) - 12
Black Moyu Aosu 4x4 - 12
White (i think) Shengshou 5x5 Florian Modded - 6
White Qiyi Square-1 that sucks - 3
Stickerless YJ Yuhu Megaminx - 7
Black Yuhu Megaminx Missing a corner - 3
White Shengshou Skewb - 5
Black Qiyi 2x2x3 -4
Black Witeden Oskar's Mixup cube - 20
Black Calvin's 3x3x5 - 18
Cubix Tube With both marbles (google if you don't know what it is) - 8
Rubik's Revolution -5
Silver YJ Inequalateral Cube (Mirror Cube like) - 5
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Sep 19, 2018
I'm interested in a few of these and I am going to Worlds, however I'm Australian and only have Australian money. Would that work for you?