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4x4 SCS Supernova Valk 4 M (stronger magnets) Review


Premium Member
Apr 1, 2017
Galar Region
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The Valk 4 M is a relatively recent release by QiYi with lots of help from Mats Valk, hence the name of the cube. It has a width of 60mm, 2mm smaller than the WuQue and most other 4x4's, and the smaller size is definitely an improvement for most people. My Valk 4 is stickerless, and the shades on it look incredible. They seem just a little brighter all around when compared to the WuQue, and I am a huge fan of bright, happy-looking sticker shades. It has primary-colored internals, including the parts of the external pieces that are on the inside of the cube. This also makes for an overall lightish look to the cube, which again I like. Now, onto the performance.
This cube comes out of the box tighter than I would like, but after two twists of a screwdriver for each screw, it's looser and, in my opinion, better. I might toy around with the tensions a bit more to find a better middle ground, but for now I like it. The corner cutting is very good, but that heavily relies on your tensions. The turning of the outer layers feels bumpy in a very satisfying way, a very similar feeling to the outer layers of the GAN 460 4x4, which is known for having very nice outer layers. The inner layers feel like they have less but bigger bumps due to the stronger magnets in these inner layers. When turning the inner layers slowly, it feels like the magnets would be too strong, but when doing solves and algorithms it feels much better. The flow of this cube is also very nice. The strong magnets on the inner layers make those layers stay together very well during the 3x3 stage, meaning that PLL algorithms can be done easily and quickly. E perms especially seem much easier to do quickly than on other 4x4's. Catching and lock-ups are also non-issues on this puzzle. Well, maybe a little bit of an issue, but only because I'm bad at 4x4 and don't really know how to turn the cube properly. But other people should have more success than I do, and I imagine over time I'll get better at 4x4 and at turning this cube in particular. I'm also not fully used to this cube, which may very well contribute to that.
Overall, this is a fantastic cube that I see becoming the main of people, of top levels and slower 4x4 solvers like myself alike. I can't wait to continue using this cube, and it has motivated me to do much more deliberate practice on this event.

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