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Ryan Heise Simulator or Equal


Sep 20, 2008
New Jersey
I think I like the visual or GUI front end of the Ryan Heise Simulator and would like to use it to practice some moves repetitiously, using the keyboard and watching the cube at the same time. My problem is that it does not look like you can load a macro into the Heise sim and reset it when you make a mistake, instead, it resets to a solved cube and you would need to type in a set-up of moves to get into a position you want to repeat again and again.

I can walk through a Fridrich F2L solve slowly and surely, but if I speed up on a real cube, or work on a move that is tough to memorize, then me and the cube get all out of whack. Is there a favorite sim, or a way to get the Heise sim to load a preset condition that I could practice with?

I hope I make sense.

Bill M