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[Help Thread] RS3M 2020 Issue


Jun 27, 2021
Hong Kong
I recently remember about this website and have a question about my RS3M.

Even when I bought it in February 2021, after 10-20 solves I have an issue where the pieces have some sort of dust on it. Never happened with my Gan AIR SM or Valk. I'd say maybe the black plastic hid it but these dust like stuff are brownish...

Anyone else have this issue, if yes is there a way to fix it?

(If you can't see it properly it's on the blue half of the white-blue edge), on the other pieces as well but that was the clearest



Nov 9, 2022
United States
I have this same problem, even after cleaning it it still occurs. I also have a dog (who doesn't shed much, but there is still some hair floating around) and when I opened the cube the core was literally wrapped around with dog hair. I don't know how this happens but I'm thinking it must be a design flaw. I think lubing the cube well makes a difference, but after using it a lot, that color on the pieces will still likely occur.