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RotoSphere Half-Icosa challenge


Jun 17, 2020
For background on development RotoSphere please see this thread https://www.speedsolving.com/threads/hello-and-help.77785/

This is a challenge for finding out procedures and the number of steps/moves it takes to solve this game. You can get this setting by selecting game 0 on Half Icosa level.

I created this setup manually since I have run into this situation multiple times and I had managed to solve it several times... but honestly, I still have no idea how I did it! Since this is a puzzle forum -- here is a new puzzle...

The webGL player is on http://www.rotosphere.org/ (mobile performance is "iffy")

Once finished this game is going to go to Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iOS. There also going to be leaderboards in the future. All this is still some time in the future...

Each click along edges of the tiles rotates half of the sphere. It will take a bit of time to remember the movements, but it quickly becomes intuitive. More detail in the "hello" thread linked above.