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[Unofficial] [Reconstruction] 2.68 3x3 World Best Single Ruihang Xu

Aug 30, 2020
On a long train journey, Smashin' PBs one a stop
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lazormonkey does my favorite reconstructions and I'm so glad Ruihang is getting attention on the channel

Yes. I like how Phillip talks about Ruihang's simple solutions and boy, he has some fast rotations.

You don't need oo algs to be fast. Simple solutions, when planned beforehand are usually more worth it.


Feb 18, 2020
Yes, I really liked the point about fast rotations of Ruihang, which Phillip raised. Ruihang does laser fast rotations, and its amazing to watch!

compared to tymon:
it seems ruihang only planned his fist pair, give this to tymon and he will 1 look f2l(and maybe even the winter variation), maybe not as high pure tps when he is actually turning but zero pauses might make him faster. Tymon is able to 1 look >20 move f2l with pseudo slotting and I am sure this is easy for him

compared to max park:
max park doesnt need to inspect that much and he can still have no pauses beacuse of his insane lookahead and wide d rotations.
for your refrence: https://www.speedcubedb.com/r/4026
sub 1.3 f2l without even 1 looking

btw both tymon and max are highly biased towards solving on white so they will very likely do white.