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Real Man's Clock WB/UWR?

DSR cuber

Apr 2, 2015
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Hey everyone,

I just filmed a real man's clock ao5 (scrambling inspection and solving all included in the time) and got a 1:55.088 with an ao5 of 5.89, was wondering if there are any results for this unofficial event or whether I hold the record?

Generated By csTimer on 2019-09-21
avg of 5: 5.890

Time List:
1. (7.358) UR1+ DR0+ DL3+ UL2+ U5+ R5+ D6+ L3+ ALL6+ y2 U5+ R4- D3+ L5+ ALL1+ UR DR UL
2. 5.539 UR1- DR3+ DL5+ UL2+ U5- R1+ D6+ L5- ALL1+ y2 U4+ R2- D3- L2- ALL1- UR DR DL
3. 5.785 UR0+ DR4- DL1+ UL4- U1+ R1+ D3+ L4- ALL4+ y2 U2- R3- D6+ L5- ALL1+ UR DL UL
4. 6.346 UR6+ DR5+ DL4+ UL0+ U5+ R2- D5+ L1- ALL3+ y2 U5+ R1- D1- L1+ ALL5+ DL
5. (5.392) UR6+ DR4- DL2- UL6+ U2- R2+ D1- L5+ ALL3+ y2 U2- R3- D0+ L3+ ALL1- DR UL