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Race to sub 2.2 2x2 Thread


May 19, 2009
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Hey guys! I'm needing some motivation to practise recently, decided to make this thread. Hopefully it helps some other people as well.

Basically anybody can join if they want to, but I'd recommend being sub-3 at least

Rules are just the same as any other race thread. Stackmats are recommended, but not necessary.

I'll post 12 scrambles every Tuesday(ish). Put your times in whatever format you'd like just bold the average time and make it stand out.

History of Rounds:
Round 1: Results

Round 2: Results

Round 3: Results:

Here's scrambles for the first week:

1. U R U F' R F' U' R' U2 R2 U'
2. U2 R2 F U' R U F R2 U' R2 U'
3. R2 U2 F U2 R' F2 U' F' U R' U'
4. F U2 R2 U' F U R' U2 F' R2 U'
5. U F R2 U' R' F2 U2 R' U2 R' U'
6. U2 F U' F U' F2 R F U R2 U'
7. F2 U' R2 U F' R2 U R2 U2 R' U'
8. U' R' U R2 F' U' R U' F2 R' U'
9. R F2 U R U' R U2 R' U2 R' U'
10. F' R U F U' R2 U2 F' U' R' U'
11. R' F U' F U' R2 U' F2 U' R' U'
12. F2 U' F U2 F2 R' U2 R U' R2 U'
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May 23, 2009
New Jersey
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2.5, 2.08, 2.3, 2.61, 3.06, 2.33, 2.93, 2.78, 2.72, 2.77 (pop so i redid it ;) I'm a noob), 2.83, 2.52= 2.63 (meh) I'm gonna do the scramble backwards and try with my type c

Did the inverses for fun...2.30 avg 12. I wonder how long this will take us to graduate chris.
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