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Quitting cubing. selling my entire cube collection, only shipping to US


Jan 1, 2011
Atlanta, GA
F2, cap missing, half bright stickers, $5

GuHong V2 heavily modded. Alpha core, guhong V1 colored center pieces, half bright with sky blue, $8

Zhanchi, clicky, half bright with sky blue, $8

Rubik’s revolution, I don’t even know lol $10?

Shenshou 4x4 v4, partially painted black, bad paint job, no white stickers, unsolved, $5

Dayan Lingyun v2, half bright, $8

Dayan panshi, no torpedoes, half bright with sky blue and like a pastel orange, $10

Dayan guhong v1, stickerless, dayan guhong v2 centerpieces, alpha core, really weird outside texture from spraying a buttload of jig-a-loo onto a plastic bag then putting the cube onto there, $5-MAYBE

Shengshou 5x5, $10

QJ pyraminx, $8

Wittwo v1, $5

Skewb, unsolved, I think it’s lanlan, but I’m not sure., $5-MAYBE

LingAo magic, kind of sticky because I spilled coke on it once :p, $5-LOLJK I just broke it.

Magic snake, $3?

Stackmat v2 w/ mat, $15-MAYBE

2 lanlan 2x2, got 1 for free, $3 for each

A HUGE assortment of stickers. I don’t even. There’s probably around 10 sets of 3x3 stickers, some application tape, 1 set of 4x4, and 1 set of 2x2. $10 for the lot? It’s kind of a risky-ish buy lol, but if you wanna go for it, go for it.-MAYBE

All cubes except for the skewb, revolution, and snake are lubed with 50k ofna diff oil and maru lube.
All cubes are white except wittwo v1 and rubik's revolution.
I don't have any of the cube boxes though. sorry :(

All prices are negotiable and don't include shipping. Will only ship to the US. I'm located in ATL
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Sep 1, 2013
ok the guhong v2 how heavily modded is it is it still smooth and if so i would love it but could i have the v2 center pieces though and i will pay 6 dollars plus shipping get back to me at [email protected] ok

Tim Major

Platinum Member
Aug 26, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
I more or less quit cubing for about 2 years. After Worlds 2011 I was pretty bored of cubing and over two years I solved any twisty puzze less than once total per week. I went to some competitions but I never cubed outside that.

Recently I decided to go to Ausnats in Canberra (8 hour drive) and I've really gotten back into cubing, and actually having fun cubing rather than just the social aspect.

Basically, all I'm saying is unless you REALLY need the money for something, you should hold onto your cubes, at least, some of your cubes, in case you ever start cubing again.