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Quest for sub 20 OH With YruRU | Day 7 |

Owen Morrison

Aug 16, 2019
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Hey @Owen Morrison, maybe you could give us some solve reconstructions for us to critique? Good luck on your journey to sub 20!

Another attempt at getting back on topic.
The problem is, I am already pretty fast at 3x3, so my solutions are efficient. I think the only thing wrong with my OH solves right now is my TPS and maybe fingertricks.

I might upload a video of my solve though for people to critique my fingertricks.


Jul 30, 2019
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CFOP average movecount:60-50
Roux average movecount: 40-55

CFOP: rotations
roux: no rotations

Max park best ao1000: 9.8 (the cfop UWR for OH)
kian mansour best ao1000: 8.72 (despite max park being faster 2h)

roux: mainly 2gen (RrU (this is kind of psuedo 2gen), MU)
cfop: mainly 3gen (for oh) (RUL, RUF, RUD)

roux first step: not good for OH
cfop first step: not good for OH

cfop OH pll: bad for OH ( i guess you could do stuff like CP control though)
roux cmll: good for OH
Roux fb: average of 7 moves rotationless, can have 0 D or L moves
Cfop X-cross/cross, average of 8 moves, potential rotations ( L moves)

Roux SB average of 15 moves, rotationless
Cfop F2L average of 21 moves, definite rotations

Roux CMLL average of 11 moves, rotationless
cfop OLL average of 11 moves, rotationless usually

roux LSE average of 13 moves, rotationless
cfop PLL average of 15 moves, rotationless usually

honestly cfop was really not built for OH, roux outclasses it for OH in ergonimics, movecounts, and rotations. Beacuse of 0 rotations and better ergonomics you can reach a higher TPS with a lesser movecount, lookahead doesnt really matter and is easy anyway, lookahead is solver specifics, feliks could easily lookahead with roux
How can you all react negatively to this post? Roux is equal to or better than CFOP for OH. The thing is that most people don't train enough with roux within OH to make it good. Lower move count is very good for the event and recognition isn't as much of an issue as with 2H because of slower TPS. As a CFOP user, I believe that roux is better proportionally to CFOP for OH. CFOP still has a solid argument within 3x3 in my opinion though. murkerflap made some valid points.