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Qiyi WuQue

Jun 28, 2018
Lelystad, Flevoland, The Netherlands
Thread starter #1

I just bought a Qiyi WuQue and I've done about 50 solves on it. Based on several reviews I thought this would be a good cube for me. But I must be doing something wrong.

It barely cornercuts, it doesn't move very smoothly at all and it locks up a lot. I've also gotten a few corner twists on it. With not moving smoothly, I mean when I turn it very slowly with minimal force, I have to build up force until it suddenly moves a bit, then it's stuck, I have to push until it jerks forward again. You would expect the cube to turn smoothly all the way through. (I'm still getting much lower times on it than my QiYuan jelly cube, so I'm still fairly happy with it.)

When I compare it to my Supernova Yuxin Little Magic, it's like comparing a skateboard with square wheels to a Ferrari...

Any advice on what to do? I haven't messed with tensions much, but I did stick a bunch of lube in it. I honestly don't know what kind of lube it is, it's white and fairly runny. It seems to disappear after a few solves too. The only other lube I have is Candycane Lube from Speedcubeshop.com.

Jul 10, 2018
Southeast Michigan
While my WuQue also has a habit of eating lube, mine is ironically super fast. Cornercutting is good and catching is minimal, but it's almost uncontrollable. Anyway, it almost sounds like there could be a spacer thing missing. The only other explanation I have for your issue would be that you got a bad one. My friend ordered a YLM 2x2 a few months ago and it turned horribly. It caught on every turn and didn't cornercut that well, even after lubing and tensioning.
Also, have you taken it apart and set it up yet? I'd think that could be an explanation as well.