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Pyraminx: Need help learning to one-look my solves.

Aug 12, 2013
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I don't do pyra


in theory you learn one look by practicing with unlimited inspection time and learning every method you can, then grind solves to get better

when you feel ready use only 15sec inspection

I believe there is not much more beyond that

maybe experienced cubers can give you more indepth advice


Mar 24, 2019
I currently use intuitive L4E and would like to learn how to one look my solves. My best PB single is 3.51 and a 6.79 Ao5. Anyone got any tips?
(Excuse the pun)
Hi, I've got sub 3 official avg so i think i can help you a bit.
One looking pyraminx with v-first method is not hard to learn (although it takes a while to do it consistently). The method is just about tracking last 4 edges (i suggest you start by tracking the D edge as it's really useful to know that even if you don't finish tracking all the rest).
Once you get the hang of it with unlimited time i suggest you try pyrabld(no tips) so you get faster at tracking pieces.
I hope this was helpful, if you need further explanation tell me and I'll try to answer.
P.s don't start one looking until sub 4 global average