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[ER] Przemysław Kaleta 3x3 OH - 8.82 single/11.83 Average

Jul 16, 2012
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Ahhhh boourns. I thought this was the video. This was already posted in the achievement thread.

Good job though. Did he film it?
Yup, someone filmed it I think.

Hopefully the reaction will be as good as the 11.85 WR
It's not :( It was just PB by 0.02, not even sub Feliks and not even close to WR. Also, my 11.85 was my first sub 14 :p But I'm happy anyway ;)

only if it's Poland though
That is not true.

// Btw, podium (me, Michał Pleskowicz and Kuba Wolniewicz) was the best podium ever (13,54 mean)
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