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Feb 13, 2021
Weekly Progress Report #1

New PBs (Won't be counting Ao25 because who cares about that): I might have lost track of some of these, but I'll do my best. 2x2 Ao100, 3x3 Ao50 & Ao100, 4x4 Ao50 & 100, 7x7 Ao12. Square 1 Ao12, 50, 100, 3x3 OH Single, Ao5, 12, 50, 100.

I didn't learn any algs, and still focused on 3x3, but I incorporated Sq-1, OH, and 4x4 with a little bit of 7x7. 3x3 Averages went down by less than a tenth but not that surprised there. 2x2 went well, but I only did one session all week with about 200 solves in it. Figured out some Sq-1 finger tricks for the algs I already know, but hope to learn some more algs over the weekend. I'll probably start with EO algs, and in the coming weeks I'll try learn Intermediate Cube Shape. I started incorporating F moves for OH PLL instead of D moves which definitely helped out a little in bringing my average down. My OH look ahead is really good but I simply can't turn too fast and I suck at rotating, so if I work on those I think I could average sub-15. 3x3 felt really good this week. I was planning 1st pair in the first few seconds, and a few months ago I didn't even plan it, I would just wing it. But now I know the next step is to plan 2nd pair, which I really don't want to learn. I won't learn anything for 3x3 as my brain has had enough and I want to get good at something else. Overall, it was a good week for me, with PBs in most of the events I like.