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Probably should have made this sooner (Dyna's progression thread)


Sep 25, 2021
The ancient city of Quackville
Actively posting, what's that?

anyway, just got this nice 5x5 mo3

Generated By csTimer on 2022-06-23
mean of 3: 1:46.90

Time List:
1. 1:43.22 D2 R2 Rw Fw2 Bw' Rw2 Uw Lw2 D' Lw2 Rw2 Uw Dw' B' R' D' Uw' Dw U L' Dw' F D' L2 U Fw' Uw2 Bw' Uw' U Dw2 B' Lw2 Uw2 R' Uw D' Rw B R' B' Dw2 Rw' R2 Uw U D Bw L' Uw Dw2 L' U2 Rw B' Rw L2 R2 Lw2 Dw2
2. 1:50.36 Dw2 Bw D Rw Bw' Dw' Bw2 L' U2 Lw' D U2 R' Dw2 Lw B D Uw Fw L Uw' F Lw Fw B2 Dw' Bw Uw' R2 B Uw' D' Lw2 Rw Dw' Uw' R2 F' Dw' Fw2 Lw U D' Fw2 Lw2 L' Bw D' R Bw2 Lw' Dw2 Bw Uw Dw B Dw R B' D
3. 1:47.11 D Lw2 B Bw2 F' Uw2 D2 Fw Lw U2 B2 U' Fw2 Dw' F' R' U' Rw' D2 F' Uw F' U Bw' B U2 F' Uw2 Dw' D L Bw2 Lw2 D' F Uw Rw' Lw2 Fw R2 Rw' D Bw' B Dw' Fw' Rw2 F L' R2 B2 F Fw D R F2 Bw' Rw Lw Bw'