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Popbuying Deal Thread : Discounts as of June 14th, 2010

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Dec 29, 2009
Shen Zhen city,China
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Hi Speedsolving members,

Due to some reason,popbuying can not receive payment via paypal in the future.If you want to pay via paypal,please do visit our partner website www.lightake.com ,it has all the same cubes as popbuying, and the price is also super competitive.

Lightake FAQ:

What is the customer service? How can I contact lightake?

A:For after sale problems, you can directly send an Email to our customer service staff Emma: [email protected] and
she will give you a reply in 48 hours.

What is the estimated shipping time? How do you ship the items? Can I get a tracking number?

A:We use airmail and registered airmail from HK post office to ship items to customer all over the world,the estimated shipping time is 7-25 days. When your order is over $15, we will provide a free tracking number for you.

You can also choose DHL and EMS to ship your order,but you need to pay for extra shipping updating fee.

If you want to use other shipping method to ship your order,need to contact me via Email: [email protected]

I want lightake update new cubes, how can I let lightake know?
A:You can send an Email to me : [email protected] and I will ask the purchasing staff to find the new cube for you and
update it in lightake. Usually we need at least 5 working days to process the new cube request.

I do not understand the brand name marked in lightake,can you explain?

How can I see my order status in lightake account?

A:please make sure that your lightake account Email address is the same to your paypal Email address.Then when you login ,our system will combine your account with your order ,and then you can see your order in your member centre.

I want to resell cubes in Ebay or my own webshop, can lightake directly send items to my customer?
A: Yep,our website has dropshipping function,we can directly send cubes to your customer, and we will remove our logos on the package.And dropshipping customer can get 1.5% - 2.0% as discount for dropshipping order. IF you want to start a dropshipping business with lightake,please send an Email to : [email protected] to apply a dropshipping account. You need to tell us something about your business.
If any member has a new question, please feel free to reply this thread and I will answer your questions and update the FAQ in this thread.

List of Some Puzzles
List created by Speedsolving.com member SaberSlash49

lightake Acronym Guide

MHZ = Cube4You
Patch/QJ = QJ
ES = Eastsheen
MR = Maru
DY = Dayan
YJ = YongJun
Dare-to-Do/Fingertip Dancing = Ghost Hand
SE = Sheng En



LanLan Black | White
Eastsheen Black | White |

Keychain | Siamese
Maru Black | White |



Penguin Male | Female
??? White
Rubik's World Detailed


Normal Size

Old Type A-II Black | White |

New Type A-III Black | White |

Type A-V Black | White
JSK (screwdrivers & lube included) Black
Type C Black | Transparent Blue |

Blue | Gray |

Green | Transparent Green |

Orange | Pink |

Transparent Pink | White |

OffWhite | Transparent White |

Noctilucent Transparent White
Dayan DIY Black | Blue |

Gray | Transparent Green |

Primitive | White
Type F-II Black | White
Ghosthand Black | White |

Rubik DIY Black
Storebought White | Pink
YongJun 1st Gen Glow-in-the-dark Green | 2nd Gen



46 mm Mini Type A Black | White
50 mm Mini Type C Black | White

With Feet

Unknown Black


Crazy 4x4 Black | White
Eastsheen 4x4 Black | White
LanLan 4x4 Black | White
Tiled QJ Black | White
Mini QJ Black | White


QJ Black | White
Eastsheen Black | White
YongJun Promo White | Upgraded Black

| Noctilucence Green
Unknown Black


5x5 White
6x6 White
7x7 White


MF8 Black | White |

Transparent | Green |


-Minx Puzzles
Cube4You Gigaminx Black | White
MF8 PVC Sticker Megaminx Black | White

| Orange | Glow in the Dark
QJ PVC Sticker Megaminx Black | White
QJ Tiled Megaminx Black | White
QJ Pyraminx Black | White

Rubik's Magic

Japanese clicky
Deluxe clicky


QJ Hardback Black | Standard Black


Cube4You (assembled) Black | White
Cube4You (disassembled) Black | White

Master Pyramorphinx

Unknown Black | White |


Fisher Cube


Updated on 06/29/2010

Best regards,
lightake Jack

(lightake.com and Speedsolving.com have partnered to bring you even better deals and more speedy customer support right here in this thread. This thread has

been approved by Speedsolving.com)
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Feb 17, 2009
I placed another order before this, but I got an e-mail that has a dollar off, and the stuff i bought is only $10, so i would only save a dollar either way
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