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[Poll] The best 3x3 speedcube (in YOUR opinion)

Whats the best 3x3 SpeedCube right now in your opinion?

  • YJ Sulong

    Votes: 2 1.3%
  • YJ Chilong

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • YJ Yulong

    Votes: 3 2.0%
  • Moyu Aolong

    Votes: 74 48.4%
  • Moyu Weilong V2

    Votes: 28 18.3%
  • Moyu Huanying

    Votes: 2 1.3%
  • Maru 3x3

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • FangShi ShuangRen II

    Votes: 11 7.2%
  • Dayan Zhanchi

    Votes: 20 13.1%
  • Dayan Guhong V2

    Votes: 12 7.8%

  • Total voters
Sep 20, 2014
Thread starter #1
The best 3x3 speedcube (in YOUR opinion)

First of all hello everybody im new to this forum but i have been reading it for almost 2 years :D so im no that new really.

I know that there are post like this one, but my idea is to make a one very complete because all threads i have seen don't have the best market speedcubes or are old so you can't really compare them that good. And new cubes came out to market so i think is time to re-do this and probably better.

So please vote ! its 2 secs even if you don't post and we will have 1 more opinion to compare.

1 more thing, im not asking for the best speedcube in the market, im asking for "your opinion" of the best 3x3 in the market. Because everyone have different opinion but at least this way we can see the tendency.

I know its hard, but choose only 1. :) I think this thread will be valid until major changes come to the market, so will be very usefull for everyone.

If your favorite cube is not in the poll please, specify it in a post. (Shengshou Aurora, Cyclone boys, gans III...) Later i will make a count of all votes to "others" cubes too, and update down here. Because i can't put more than 10 in the poll, so i put the most used ones.

Oh, my favorite: Moyu Aolong Enhanced

Error: Actually Aolong in the poll means Aolong V2, so regardless of the version which u like vote it please. Same for others. Because i can't edit the poll, to put V1/V2 in all cubes. If any moderator can do it without reset the votes, please do it. Thank you.

OTHER CUBES TABLE: Updated until post #39

Moyu Liying


Gans (any version)


Rubik's (speedcube version)




ShengShou Aurora


Regards, I hope you enjoy it.
Last edited:
Sep 20, 2014
Thread starter #9
Yeah i mean Aolong v2 in the poll, was a mistake but i can't edit it now :p

Just please, vote it as aolong v2, even if say aolong only.

Same for weilong, fangshi and guhong. if you like v1 more than v2 just vote it too. We will see the total votes at the end. Normally most people like v2 more, thats why i did that.
Nov 24, 2013
Off-topic: Is there an explanation for words/parts ending in "ng" so often?
Sulong, Chilong, Yulong, Aolong, Weilong, Huanying, FangShi ShuangRen, Guhong.
Because... Long translates to dragon, and Chinese people like dragons so they put dragons on a lot of things.

as for the rest of the non-long 'ng's... because chinese. Ngs are common in chinese :p