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Old, yet new?


Sep 24, 2011
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Hi guys,
I'm Petezorzz, or some people may know me as AznCubing. I've created this new name for a few reasons I don't want to discuss.

On my last account, I never made a member introduction, so I thought why not on my new one. So, I practice 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4. I average sub 29 in 3x3 >.< and currently learning Yau on 4x4. But I can use Reduction to fully solve the cube. Solving 2x2, not the greatest at it. Average sub 10 on 2x2. I've been cubing since late April 2011 and I'm going to my first competition in November 2011.

My other hobbies are playing soccer/football. I currently play in a club and train 3 days a week.

So thats me, Petezorzz, you've probably guessed my name is Peter? ;]

PS. If anyone knows how to make a Dayan + MF8 4x4 much better, because mine sucks right now. I've lubed and tensioned it but its not that good.