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OH Crosses!


Nov 29, 2009
Hey, I thought I would make a thread where you can write your OH crosses with your finger tricks down for everyone to see. Here are 5 scrambles + my solutions :p.

I'm scrambling with cross colour on top, just FYI.

1.) B' U L' U2 F' U2 F U' L B R F' R U2 R2 L2 U2 D' F R' D2 R' D2 L2 D2

Cross: (5) [x2] U' R2 U' [z] U'2 [x'] U (z')

2.) R2 D B' R' L' D U' B' R L2 F2 L' F D2 F L2 B D' R D R' L2 U L2 U

Cross: (6) [z2 x] U' r R U R'2 U' (z2)

3.) U' L' B2 F R2 B U F' D L2 F' R2 F' B' L D' B U' B2 F U2 D R U' B'

Cross: (6) [z2 y] D R D r U' [x'] D

4.) L D B2 F R2 L' U2 L2 D F' L D2 U L2 D' F' U B2 F L F2 D2 R D' F

OPPCross: (6) [y] u F R' [z] r U'2 [x'] U'2 (z')

What I'd do if I didn't switch cross colours: (6) [z2 y] U' [x] U' R' [z] R2 r U'2 (z2)
(lol horrible...I'd like to see what someone else comes up for this one D:)

5.) U' L2 F2 B R2 F2 D2 F L F D L' R2 B' L U R U' D2 R' U' L2 F' U' D

Cross: (6) [z2 y' x] U' r [z'] r U' [x] U' r (z'] (pretty bad, I'd like to see what someone else does for this)
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Premium Member
May 22, 2009
x' y' R' U2 R' U x' U2 R2

r U' R x' z R U' R'

y' z R U R D R U2

r U R x' z R U' R2 U R'

x' R' U x z R U' z U' R

No idea if I scrambled correctly. lol


Dec 29, 2007
x2 z' L' U2 L' D2 x' U

x U' L z' U x U L2

z'x' L U L u l' u

D' L x U D' x' z' L2 U L2 U' (i know long but fastish)

yx U'l U x D' L' x u