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Official WCA Results Thread Annoyance


Mar 18, 2016
Illinois, U.S.A.
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As far as I am aware, this sub forum was recently added. I noticed when I checked "new posts" and it was filled with this content. I thought some spam bot-thing had gotten in and made a bunch of random threads about competitions.
Then I looked at the actual titles and realized that it was just a new, automatic sub forum.

But it really is clogging up the new posts area, and I don't see a way to block the forum, so:
Can this sub forum please be not allowed into the new posts
Can a mute/ignore/block sub forum area option please be added
Point me towards than mute/ignore/block sub forum area option if I was just being blind

Thank you.

E: So after looking at more threads trying to find human-content within the new posts area, I realized that these threads are being spammed into the Official WCA Competitions Thread also.
This complicates matters slightly, because I think it's interesting to see when actual organizers post 1 thread about their competitions, not when bots do.
If possible, can I mute/ignore/block only the bots within the sub forum and not the actual people who post threads with content about their competitions?
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