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Ofapel's "universal" unknown method (3x3 tutorial)

Mar 15, 2020
Look behind you...
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Walkthrough/Example solve:
Written tutorial from the method creator(french):https://www.francocube.com/ofapel/sommaire3x3x3

Ofapel’s “universal” method:


Cross (intuitive)
Beginners first layer using sexy move (intuitive)
Permutation of all corners using R U’ L’ U R’ U’ L (and mirror)
Orientation of all corners using R U R' U R U2 R' (Sune)
Permutation of the last layer edges using R U’ R’ U u’ R U R’ (and mirror)
Orientation of the E layer using M’ U M’ U M’ U2 M U M U M U2
Permutation of the E layer using M/U2 moves

If i'm correct, this should be the first ever 3x3 ofapel's method tutorial