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Obscure Hardware Release Thread


Dec 13, 2015
New York
I've been searching on chinese websites for obscure puzzles that aren't well known to western cubers since they were either extremely unpopular and discontinued are on only a small amount of retailers that are also very unknown, or not first-instinct. The goal of this thread is to really show the amount of cube releases that go under our noses for one reason or another.

I have found a few obscure releases on Alibaba:

Yuxin Snow Lion full-sealed 3x3:

Yuxin 1381 full-sealed 3x3:

KungFu LongYuan Z/ LongYuan v2:

Diansheng Magnetic 3x3:

Went on TaoBao to find a few more obscure releases.

patch obscure.png


Metal Speedcube.png

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