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nub game for people beyond beginners method!!!

What % faster are you now vs Beginners Method?

  • 0%-10%

  • 10%-20%

  • 20%-30%

  • 30%-40%

  • 40%-50%

  • 50%-60%

  • 60%-70%

  • 70%-80%

  • 80%-90%

  • 90%+

Results are only viewable after voting.


Apr 2, 2018
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So recently I was doing solves with beginners method to see how much I improved, in the process, I came up with a game.

1. Cross, Corners, Seccond Layer Edges, Yellow Cross, Yellow Face, Corners Only PLL, Edges Only PLL.
2. Only algs allowed are:
(R U R' U')
edge insertion alg for seccond layer edges
OLLs (F R U R' U' F') (F U R U' R' F') and Sune (R U R' U R U2' R')
PLLs: any U Perm, T Perm, Aa Perm, (and J Perm bc he's my favorite) :)

Scramble: D2 L2 B2 U' F2 R2 D' L2 R2 F2 U L2 B' D2 L F L2 F' U' L' R2 (thanks cstimer)

So you do a solve using the beginners method than use CFOP or whatever advanced method you use (Roux, ZZ, Petrus)
After Recording both solves you divide the advanced solve time by the beginner's method time and subtract 1 by this number. Now you have the percent that represents how much faster you are now.

Example: 20 seccond CFOP solve and 50 seccond begginers method solve.
in % form will be 60% so I was 60% faster at CFOP

Edit: forgot to close paranthesis :)