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Noob's Cubes's progression thread | Trying to get sub-15 3x3, sub-30 OH, sub-7 pyra, sub-4 2x2

Should i practice using keyhole in my solves

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Mar 21, 2022
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Whenever it's your turn to solve, do your inspection, put the cube down, take a deep breath and let it all out, then start your solve. Releasing your breath all the way out calms your body and keeps your hands from shaking for a split second. It worked for me, hope this works for you.

Noob's Cubes

Jul 12, 2022
Your window, stalking you
PB Ao5:

Generated By csTimer on 2022-11-23
avg of 5: 13.647

Time List:
1. 12.126 U2 B U2 R2 B2 F U2 B' D2 L2 F U F' L' R' U' R' U B2 F
2. (20.035) R' U' B2 D' L2 B2 F2 U' L2 U L2 D2 U' F' R' B D' F D' F R
3. 15.405 U L' D2 R F2 L U2 B2 F2 R' U2 B2 L2 U' R U L2 R' U' F
4. 13.409 B' U' F2 D2 L2 B2 R2 U' B2 U' R2 L F2 R' B F' R' B' L
5. (11.876) U2 L' U' F R2 B' U2 L2 D2 F U2 B' F2 R2 U' B' L B' F' D L

I know, so consistent, isn't it?