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[Unofficial] Non- Matching Blocks With Roux. (opposite NMCMLL?) VIDEO


Mar 26, 2006
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Some notes;

I find it easier undoing the pseudomove after solving UL/UR.

The think that makes me use this trick is an easy case for the second pseudoblock, since I'll usually be looking for the normal block the second needs to be very easy to jump out at me.

I have white and yellow on left or right neutrality.

~30% of solves have green on bottom and ~70% have blue. This has changed from 0/100 over the course of about 3 years now.

~5% include pseudoblocks. I think this would be higher if my green/blue totals were more equal.

Pseudoblock solves tend to have a higher chance of messing up, but also tend to be faster on average - because you're using the trick to force a unusually easy case.