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Nissy - A Rubik's cube solver and FMC assistant


Oct 27, 2010
Belluno, Italy
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Hello everyone!

I have just released version 2.0 of my cube-solving program, Nissy: https://github.com/sebastianotronto/nissy

It is a command-line tool (no graphical interface like Cube Explorer for now, sorry) to solve the cube. It is quite fast: on my fairly old 4-core laptop it takes a minute on average to find an optimal solution, using 4 cores.

Nissy can also solve many common substeps used in FMC solutions, such as edge orientation, domino reduction, half turn reduction... you can find a list of all commands and their options in the pdf file in the doc folder. See also some examples in the screenshots below.

I personally find it quite useful to analyze my FMC solves and check if I missed something. It can also be used in combination with some shell scripting to get statistics on random scrambles.

Have fun!

Command: nissy solve -t 4 -v -O 1 (scramble...)


Command: nissy solve eo -N -M 4 (scramble...)


Command: nissy scramble -n 2 | nissy solve dr -i
This commad will only work in a UNIX shell