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Nico's Weekly Progression | Sub 2 Mo50 on 5x5 |

Jul 29, 2020
Week 1:

Im actually confused and dunno what to write,bc this is the First Time i do Something like this.
So: this week i spent Most of the time in practising And learning BLD i did not have a sucess :(, but im Happy with all Edges and 2 corners :).
In 3x3 i got an 11.9x Ao5, which is good for me and an 11.8x Ao12 Pb.
In 4x4 and 5x5 Pb Single.
In Pyraminx 2 Times a Sub 7 ao5
In OH 21.xx Pb Single and im almost Sub 30 globally i guess
The Weekly Comp went Pretty good i got Like 75th Place on Overall.

Not many People are watching this Thread, But i will try hard to make people watching this and i Hope this will happen :D. See ya next week
Jul 29, 2020
Week 2
Next week is over and Here are my results of it
I already got 5 sucesses in Bld =D, for now on i will Focus on 5x5 for at least 1 month.
5x5 is a very fun Event i think.
3x3: I got a couple 11 Averages and im Pretty much Sub 13 global
4x4: I got 2 Sub 1 Ao5s but i didnt do as much 4x4
5x5: As i already Said i will Focus on 5x5 and wanna become at least Sub 2 global. I got a Sub 2 Single which is of course Pb. I did 75 Solves in 3 days and already improved by Like 15 Secs ig
Pyra: Only did round about 10 solves Last 7 days
OH: Pb Single 20.xx and im Pretty much Sub 30 Global

I know, Not many people are watching this Thread, but i will try hard to make people watching this Thread
Yea, that's it for this week. Cya:D
Jul 29, 2020
Week 3
This week i got some BLD sucesses and as u can See my Focus is on 5x5 where i got 2 Sub 2 Singles i guess. And i have ever gotten 3 Sub 2s.
3x3: Not much happened, because Last week i reached a Milestone (Sub 13 global) My 3x3 Global went .3 Secs down i think
4x4: i got a Sub 1:04 Ao100 and many Sub 1s
5x5: My Global went 20 secs down from start to now: 2:25 Session mean of 50
Pyra: I got a 5.47 Ao5 in the Weekly Comp, so You know how ridiculous that is for me?
OH: Yesterday i did Like 25 OH Solves and my Ao100 went 1 sec down to Just Sub 28 soo good.
Not as many Milestones as Last week, but that was certain. I Hope in 1 month i can get my Ao100 in 4x4 down to Sub 1. But School Starts next week, im Not going to have that much times unfortunately.
I know Not many people are watching this Thread but i will try hard to make people watching this. Cya
Jul 29, 2020
Week 4
1 month already done!!
3x3: From now on i reset my Sessions after 100 Solves, i think it is better, i wanna Focus more on Averages and getting Sub 12 within 2 months now, i think that's possible
4x4: my Ao100 went to Sub 1:03 and i wanna become Sub 1 within 1 month. Im getting so many Sub 1s when im warmed up.
5x5: 5x5 is good, my Splits are Sub 20; Sub 15; Sub 30; Sub 1; Sub 20, but im very inconsistent with this, so my Avg is worse :(.
I got a 2:21 Ao50 i Hope my next is Sub 2:20
There is a Way to go! :D
Pyra: I dont Care about that atm. Im Just doing it in Online Comps
OH: My Ao100 is Low 27, i didnt do as much OH. But i got a Sub 25 ao5.
As i already Said there is a Way to Go. As always. Beeing motivated is one of the Most important things in Cubing. See ya next week :D