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Nico's Weekly Progression | Sub 2 Ao100 on 5x5 |

Jul 29, 2020
Week 5
3x3: didnt do much 3x3 but i got some 10s and 11s in maybe 30 Solves or so
4x4: Almost Sub 1. This month, getting my Ao100 Sub 1 is definitely possible. Lookahead became mich easier bc of doing so much 5x5.
5x5: I Just finished 50 and the Mean is 2:13. So i improved at least 30 Secs in 3 weeks. I will continue doing as much 5x5, i think until the end of the year. Then i should be Sub 2.
OH: I got a consistent Sub 27 Ao12. And i broke my PR in this Weekly Comp:D.
Pyra: Didnt do Pyra, only my Weekly Comps and there was nothing special.
I can finally really seey improvement and im Pretty Happy with it. But bc it went so fast, i wanna continue 5x5 and wanna get Sub 2 Global.
Jul 29, 2020
Week 6
I can get Daily Sub 2 Singles!
3x3: Did some 3x3 Solves, it was okay, i got 2 Sub 10s in Like 25 Solves. That's good for me, even though i didnt to as many 3x3 Solves
4x4: Not many 4x4 solves, but i think i can finally get my Sub 1 Ao5 in this Weekly Comp
5x5: 5x5 went good, i got a Sub 2:05 Mo50 and so many Sub 2s and even Sub 2 Ao12s. Im Happy with it,but i wanna get Lower than Sub 2, 5x5 is fun.
Pyra: i think i didnt do a Single Pyra solve, lol
OH: Got a Sub 26 Ao5 and that's it
Stay cubed and improve, See you
Jul 29, 2020
Week 7 and 8 so 2 months!
Didnt Cube as much somehow. Maybe cuz of School. Idk.
3x3: Finished my Ao100: 12.30. Pretty good, im definitely Happy with it
4x4: Improved my Avg in General
5x5: Sub 2 Ao100 which is very good. I expected worse tbh. I am Learning L2E Cases atm.
Pyra: Didnt do Pyra
OH: Some decent Times
It's Not a Bad week and Not a incredibly good one, so im Pretty Happy with it.
See you