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[Member Intro] Newer community member


Dec 30, 2019
I've been cubing for like 4 years, but I've never really interacted with the cubing community. Recently, however, I decided to go to WCA comps and I've been having a blast!

I'm mediocre at most events, and I don't really consider any events my main event. The events I'm the best at are feet (but not in a few days) and skewb and the events I like the most are 5x5, 3x3, 3BLD, and multiBLD.

I live in the U.S. and I don't really do much other than school and cubing because I'm boring.

Also, unimportant question: what exactly are the +2 limits on square-1?
Take a solved square-1 and do each of the following and tell me if it's no penalty, +2, or DNF.
  • 49% of a /
  • (1, 0) /
  • (1, -1) /
  • (1, 0) / (-1, 0)
  • (1, 0) / (-1, -1)
  • (1, 0) / (-1, 0) and 49% of a /
  • (1, 0) / (-1, -1) and 49% of a /


Dec 30, 2019
Welcome! What do you average?
I average like sub 14 for 3x3
It's always cool to see new cubers.
I ordered a Square-1 so after I get it, I'll tell you the Square-1 answers.
Even when you get a square-1, the question is still pretty hard and complicated and confusing, but GL solving it when you get it, it's a real challenge to solve.
Without looking at the WCA regs, here's what I think:
1. No penalty
2. +2
3. +2
4. DNF
5. DNF
6. DNF
7. DNF

Here's what the regs say:
View attachment 11162
After thinking about it for a bit, your answer makes sense. 30 degrees before the slice and 30 degrees back after shouldn't be a 0 degree misalignment, it would probably be 60.
Welcome :) I can’t help you out with the Square One question, but I’m sure there’s people who can.
Welcome to the forums!

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