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New to forums, fairly new cuber. . not really.


Jan 1, 2009
Hey all! My name is Tyler Herron and I picked up cubing around two years ago. I cubed for about two months and had gotten my time to a little over a minute and my best being 56 seconds. Then I kinda let go of it and I just decided to pick it back up last week (Dec. 21, 2008) and I've been cubing nonstop since then. Really it's been nonstop, my fingers are killing me right now!!!

When I started that sunday i had to re-memorize two PLL algs and then I had my time down to 1:45ish, now I've lowered that to my personal best so far of 54.48 seconds! I'm excited. Since then I've memorized 14 OLL's and 5 PLL's along with the absolute necessary 3 F2L's (the corner already solved). I already new 2 F2L's, 3 OLL's, so I've increased my algorithm arsenal from 5 to 24! I think that's quite good for a week and a half!

So that's a little about me! I'm excited to be apart of this wonderful community!!!