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New Terms for Common Triggers?


Jan 12, 2018
Birmingham, AL, USA
These terms are widely used for certain triggers or mini-algorithms:
"Sexy Move": (RUR'U')
"Sledgehammer": (R'FRF')
...and others, including Jason's "Hedgeslammer": (FR'F'R)

What if we had a few more catchy, quasi-standard terms for common patterns? Someone suggested elsewhere that we name (RUR'F') since it comes up so much, and I agree. I rather like "Lasso", and "Thumbelina" was suggested in a 2009 post. I also see (R'FR2U') a fair amount, and I think of it as "Rebound".

We all have our own ways of learning and memorizing algs, but I think most people find it helpful to group cube turns into these sorts of units (i.e. "chunking"). Do you think it would benefit the cubing community to adopt more terms for more of these common patterns?
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Thom S.

Sep 26, 2017
I have previously heard
Not Sexy
But I don' know if this is an agreed term

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