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New Speedsolving Chat - Discord - Free Puzzles


Staff member
Mar 13, 2006
Featured Thread Thread starter #1
We've finally setup a chat that integrates with the Speedsolving forums. It feeds new posts into a channel, connects your SS account to Discord, and allows you to get notifications from Speedsolving.com such as when you receive a PM or get a reply. And of course it is a chatroom for all cubing chat. You can join by clicking on the Chat in the navbar:
Screenshot 2019-05-02 16.02.01.png
You'll need a Discord account to login (or can create one to join easily).
Join the Discord Channel here, have a chance to win puzzles (see below).

You can also connect your Speedsolving.com to Discord via the Connected Accounts section of your SS profile (click on your Profile icon in the top right >> Connected Accounts):
Screenshot 2019-05-02 16.08.09.png

In the coming weeks, we will be doing some giveaways where you can win free puzzles simply by being in the chatroom. Stayed tuned for an update, but be sure to join so you have the chance of winning some awesome puzzles!

So that's it for now, please provide any feedback you have on making the chat better and more useful to the community. Any and all feedback is much appreciated.

I'm also looking for a few people who have experience using Discord to help manage the Discord server and channels. In return, you'll get to choose a free puzzle of your choice. If you're interested, please reply to this thread or shoot me a PM. Thanks.