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[Help Thread] NEW DaYan TengyunV2M


Dec 4, 2012
You guys/gals excited to see more innovation, just as much as I am. I’m a lover of Dayan cubes and hate to see the GuHong V3M leave such a bitter taste. The Tengyun M 3x3 was known for its buttery smooth turns, plush pillow like feel, and low pitch cubing. I like many others loved the cube, but due to its very fast turning and weak magnets it left the cube mildly unstable. Which left such a distaste for the cube.

Fast forward since it’s 2019 release, 2020 brought innovation and Dayan has listened to its customers.

With the new V2M they’ve included:

• Stronger Magnets
“alternating magnets”. I look at it as more of a “carousel”, featuring variations of magnet strengths, that can be easily changed like the Weilong WRM, with just the turn of a flathead screw.

• Edge/Corner Redesign
Like the GuHong V3, Dayan has implemented a new “Water Wave” design that allows the cube to stay lubricated for much longer and reduce noise. This was a problem for the original Tengyun(v1)M, which led to high maintenance of lube reapplication, which cubers like myself try to stay away from. With the new “water wave” design, noise reduction between solves is also improved. The cube was already quiet, allowing for much longer practice during boring business phone calls. This alone has gotten myself, very pumped for release.

• NEW Screw Tension “Gear”
Also like the GuHong V3, (also reminiscent of the Gans 356XS) the center caps have been remodeled, as well as the new tension system. A 2-in-1 tensioning “gear” that allows for adjusting “spring force” and for “tension”. This “gear” has four levels of adjustment to suite every cuber turning style.

My thoughts:
I’m honestly really excited to see Dayan do their best to improve an already great cube. This innovation shows how dedicated they are to improving quality cubes. With each of these categories of improvement checking my mental cube box for what I look for in cubes, I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Below will be the visual representation of the new Dayan TengyunV2M. I hope it excites you just as much as I am. I’m trying to get it as soon as release so I can do a very comprehensive first impression and review of this cube. Happy cubing.

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