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Need help with Square-1 alg genning


Jan 18, 2016
(Sorry if this is not worthy of its own thread, but I have no idea where to put this question as)

So I had an idea for the Lin method on square 1, mainly the step after the 2 blocks on the bottom. I wanted to see if it was worth either A) inserting DB and solving CP, and then inserting DF and solving EP or B) do the normal step of DF + CP, but using different algs for parity. I tried to use jaapsch's sq1optim program, but I can't get it to work. I wanted to ask if:

A) The idea is stupid/already been around for millenia
B) There is some other program to gen sq1 algs or
C) I am stupid and cannot get a simple program to start :oops:



Jun 21, 2015
You're probably doing the same thing as everyone else and opening the program, having a black window open for a second and then close. There are several explanations online of how to use sq1optim.

sq1optim can't ignore pieces for the DB+CP, I think most of the algs will be cancelling M2 into a CP though.

I DF+CP+parity, I'm not sure how you'd easily recognise parity and it's probably less efficient than the normal way.