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My Youtube Channel Thread


Jul 23, 2019
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Hey guys, I just wanted to explain why there wasn't a normal upload last Sunday and why there probably won't be one this Sunday either. I was working on a video script that was planned for last week when I kind of hit a roadblock. I sort of had a change of direction on that particular video and I basically had to change it a bunch. So rather than rushing that video, I decided to delay the video to ensure that it was high quality. I was hoping that there would be a day that would work for me, Micah, Owen, and Humble to do our podcast, but there wasn't really any good time.

I wanted to have it ready by this Sunday, but my school schedule changed to be more in person this week and I didn't have as much time to work on the video as I wanted. I'm gone all day tomorrow too. Because of this, my plan is to do part or all of my filming this weekend (not on Saturday) then finish up filming and editing (wearing the same t shirt of course ;)) either in the middle of the week or next weekend.

I want to upload consistently, but more importantly I want to upload high quality videos. I hope you all understand. :)