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[Official] My Solves From Captain's Cove 2011

Ernie Pulchny

May 5, 2010
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You know I'm getting my first master magic just because of you! I liked the ghost hand magic so I am getting the ghost hand master magic. Which do you use? LA or Cubetwist?
The Master Magic I currently use is from Rubikfans shop on eBay. I recently bought a LingAo Master Magic from iCubeMart because my current Master Magic is dying, so when I get my new Master Magic, we'll see how my times will be.

Also, the Ghost Hand Master Magic is a good Master Magic. I tried it at a couple competitions, and it felt fast and stable. But it really doesn't matter what Master Magic brand you use, it really matters on how much practice you put into it.

Seems rubik's brand to me, at least the inserts.
I got my Master Magic from Rubikfans shop on eBay.