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My lazy M2 approach

Oct 25, 2012
Czech Republic
Thread starter #1
I'm not sure if I am the only one that uses Lazy M2, but I thought of it independently and on my own...

Set-ups to avoid algorithms
The basic idea is, that I use letter pairs to memorise, and I do set-ups before set of 2 targets. I also use my own plug-in called M', which I will teach you later. Because of that I didn't have to learn any algs. For example, if I get DB edge to solve, I just do B2 and it becomes UB edge. Then I solve 2 targets, thinking of I am solving UB edge, and after 2 targets I undo the set up and move on next letter pair. In some cases I have to think of better set up... E.g. if I get DB -> UB, I do single B move and trace it as RB -> LB

My M' plug-in
Well, I thought, if it is possible to do M2 interchange algorithm with UB target, why couldn't I just do M' interchange with FU target? The only problem is that you have to do M for your next target, but it's not that hard to get used to.
So whenever I have FU in my pair of targets, I use that M' plug-in.

Example solve
If you use the two tricks that I mentioned above together, the method is really tasty. I've used it for couple of months now, and I think it's not that bad :). I will give you example solve, using these methods together, the "big" set ups marked red and "small" set ups marked blue.

Scramble : U2 L' D' B' U D L D F R2 B2 L2 U' F2 U' L2 U' D L2 B2
We need to break to a new cycle in that one.

UB->RU: M2 B' R B M2 B' R' B (classic M2 solution)
RD->BD: B2 U2 U' R2 U M' U' R2 U M U2 B2 (set-up to FU and use M' method)
FR->LU: U' R' F R F' M' F R' F' R M U (the same M' thing)
LF->UF: U2 B L2 B' M2 B L2 B' M2 U2 (set-up to UB and M2 solution)
LB->BR: L' B L B' M2 B L' B' L ! U R' U' M2 U R U' (classic M2)
LD->UB: B L B' M2 B L' B' M2 (classic M2)

  • Quick trick: Look what M' U2 M U2 and U2 M' U2 M solve and feel free to experiment with it while solving
  • This method is pretty usable for 4BLD wings too. You just have to use some creative set-up for FD. I usually just do l' U2 and set it up to UB, but not in every case.
  • If parity, I add UB target to my edge memo, and URB target to corner memo. Then the parity alg is y L2 (T-Perm) L2. This parity is good, because solving order doesn't matter, so I use it for single and multi too :) you can use any parity you want though.

Please let me know what you think about my method, which I found really cool and really wanted to share it. I am sorry if you had any problems with my english, I am not native, so forgive me any mistakes please :). Feel free to ask me any questions. :)

Tim Major

Platinum Member
Aug 26, 2009
Melbourne, Australia
Nice write up. Just pointing out that normal M2 doesn't really use algs either. UF FU BD DB are all solved with comms usually.

I believe 4bld used to be done with r and r' and floating buffers, so your M'/M is similar there. I would guess it was suggested for 3bld too.

Regardless, nice write up, very easy to follow along.
Jun 29, 2011
Yeah I used to use this. It's a pretty good stepping stone to 3style edges (if you want a DF buffer). Maybe "Lazy 3style" would be more appropriate. Your M' plugin is basically a commutator.

Lazy m2? Seems a lot like advanced M2 :p
I always thought this method (lazy/advanced M2) was a lot easier than normal M2 lol.
Last edited:
Mar 31, 2012
London, UK
I wouldn't call this a method (or lazy anything) as you're just setting up to 3-cycles when you can. Setting up to the M' interchange alg is just one of the many tools used by 3-style solvers, along with advanced M2 and 2-gen algs.

EDIT: oops, just repeated Tao :p