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My Cubing Journey


Jul 30, 2019
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First of all I would recommend doing real speedsolves and reconstruct those.

z2 R2 F' D R' F is a much better cross, 2 moves less and better to finger trick and therefore a lot faster

I seriously doubt you inspected the first pair so it is very impressive that you are able to see such things coming up, change your grip and insert it right away.

not much to say about 2nd and 3rd pair

probably the weakest part of this solve
some better alternatives:
y L' U L U F U F' (avoiding the 2nd rotation+easy to cancel into OLL)
y L' U' L F' L F L' // 4th Pair
then U' L F' L' U' L U F U' L' Y-Perm or (if you don't like the 1st alg) U' F R U R' U' F' R' U' R U' R' U2 R Ja-Perm
U' F' U' F U' R U R' // 4th Pair
U' M U R U R' U' M' R' F R F' U // LL
R' F R F' U2 R U R' // 4th Pair
U2 R U2 R2 F R F' R U2 R' Rb-Perm

LL is fine but it is kinda weird that you do R L U2 to end the J-Perm, R L U2 is what I do (better imo)
This is probably a typo, but you said a better way to end the J Perm is R L U2 compared to the R L U2 originally. So, you didn't change the end of the J Perm at all.

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