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My Coogam Moyu 3x3 for a 2x2

Jul 19, 2017
Hello, as you can tell by the title I am trying to get a new 2x2, I accidentally broke my only one. Since I already have a GTS3M so I don’t need my Coogam Moyu 3x3. It is stickerless and was part of the 2x2-5x5 set. It has less than 20 solves on it so basically brand new. I’m looking for any stickerless 2x2 that may be have between 200-1000 solves, so it is broken in, but not worn out... and if you moderately lube it I will throw in $3 Venmo.
Please let me know if you are interested and I need proof of a successful trade with another person to go through.