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[Review] MoYu Aochuang WR M 5x5 Early Access Review | MoYu


Aug 14, 2019
Hello everyone!

I have decided to go for a slightly different format of reviews. I will be gradually be adding information to the review to allow me to get them out nice and early. The first instalment - First Impressions. I hope you enjoy.

Moyu Aochuang WR M 5x5 Early Access Review - Moyu

  • Review of Cube – Aochuang WR M 5x5
  • Unboxing
  • OOTB
  • Completely Dry
  • Lube + Tension
  • Break-in
  • Final Thoughts
Review of Cube

General Info
Name – Moyu Aochuang WR M
Price – Unknown
Availability – Black and Stickerless (when released)
Link - Unreleased
Size – 61mm

Brief Overview
The Moyu Aochuang WR M is the latest addition to the WR M line, which originated from the successor to the Weilong GTS3M, which had ridges, which they followed up with the Weilong WR M. It is unsure as to whether the WR stands for “World Record”, name as such to express the levels of success the company has had in assisting to break various national and world record as well as major cubing milestones, or whether it was “without ridges” starting from the Weilong WR M. Either way, this line has so far shown very high levels of success in the cubing community and is continuing to be peoples’ mains around the world, with the hopes of continuing to expand the lineup to further WCA events and breaking further records.

The current cubes in this lineup include:
2x2 – Moyu Weipo WR M
3x3 – Moyu Weilong WR M
4x4 – Moyu Aosu WR M
5x5 – Moyu Aochuang WR M

A big selling point of this lineup is their smaller size – particularly the 4x4 and soon-to-be 5x5. The smaller size is appealing to many, whilst the cubes also retain their high speed and excellent stability.

The puzzle is encased in a compact box, along with the traditional accessories box. The accessories box contains the Moyu screwdriver used to tension the cube, along with various Team Moyu cards for collecting purposes. I proceeded to removing the cube from the plastic wrap and began analysing first impressions.

Out of the Box

First Impressions – Before Turning
This cube features bright shades, with a lighter blue and yellow compared to Yuxin’s shades. The colours provide for excellent contrast and this will be beneficial when solving in lower light conditions. Since I have a stickered Moyu Aosu WR M but a stickerless Aochuang WR M, I am unsure as to whether these stickerless shades match those of the stickerless Aosu. The shades are brighter than the stickered shades of the Aosu, with Moyu opting for brighter colour choices as opposed to the half-bright found on their stickered WR M range. The shades closely resemble those from YJ’s Yuchuang, which I actively used for comparison.

The major non-traditional design difference I found was when opening the centre caps. The caps have an additional block attached underneath, thus acting more as pieces than caps, which allows for the cube to hold together better and further confidence in ensuring the caps will not fall off during solves – not that this was ever an issue on previous releases. The inner edges feature subtle grooves which will assist with speed and lubricant distribution and have an additional extension underneath the traditional wing design, providing for additional stability. The pieces seem to have enough thin lubricant from the factory, which I will eventually remove and lubricate to suit my preferred feel.

Immediately, the cube feels noticeably smaller, particularly for myself since I used the 63mm Huanglong for several months. It is surprising how a size difference as little as 1 or 2 millimetres can make a noticeable difference in cubing. At 61mm, it is smaller than the traditional 5x5s (usually around 62-63mm), which I think would appeal to a large portion of speedcubers. I personally feel as though this is the perfect size for a 5x5, and I hope to see this become the standard on all 5x5s in the future.

First Turns
On first turns, immediately I see a large benefit of the smaller size. It makes turning of both the inner and outer layers easier to turn since it is compact in hand and already I see this becoming peoples’ mains, especially those that liked the Aosu WR M.

The outer layers on this cube are very fast. Currently, they are at a speed fast enough for turns to be effortless yet controllable. Turning seems extremely light, with very little effort required to turn the cube fast, which is perfect for larger cubes. The inner layers, despite not being as fast as the outer layers, are still very fast, and I can see phases such as centre building will be a breeze. The inner layers particularly have a slight sandiness but as we are aware with Moyu’s previous releases, this tends to go after a few solves.

The magnets on this cube are on the weaker side and remind me of those in the YJ Yuchuang V2M. However, since this is just a prototype, Moyu are strengthening the magnets prior to release. The cube is also showing exceptional resistance to lockups, and thus far, pops are non-existent. Even when lockups are forced during extensive cornercutting, the cube is resists deformation and doesn’t produce the awkward 5x5 lockups that we have seen in plenty of competing brands and products.

The cornercutting on this cube out of the box is as follows:
Forward – Full piece
Reverse – ¾ piece

This is a very good amount for a 5x5 and is suitable for regular solving scenarios. I was very impressed with the level of reverse cornercutting on this cube, and since reverse cutting is not affected by the tensions of the cube, it is a very good indication of the potential of the puzzle. At the moment, the cube is at a tension suitable for solving without locking and pops, but I will probably be loosening it slightly as that is where Moyu cubes perform the best.

Within just a few solves, I had already beaten by 5x5 single with a time of 3:05, which is good relative to my 3x3 stage times, and I am sure I will be continuing to break my personal best averages and singles with this product. I have also noticed that I am able to do longer sessions with this cube due to the effortless turning which is less taxing on the hands.

Catching has been minimal yet existent, but this is due to the weaker magnets in this particular prototype which is resulting in small misalignments, but this will not be an issue to those wanting to buy the product on release.

I will be experimenting with lubricants over the next few days, and I will be constantly updating this thread with information as and when I find out something new.

Feel free to leave any questions about it down below, and I will do my best to answer them. If you also spot any mistakes, feel free to drop a comment. Happy cubing and I hope you all stay safe and well.

Coming Soon:
Lubrication and Tensioning
Final Thoughts

Huge thanks to MoYu for sending me this early to review.
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Aug 14, 2019
He's sponsored.
That is correct. I am fortunate enough to be in a partnership with Moyu to get early access on products so that we are the first to know about them.

Is this faster than the Aochuang GTS?
Unfortunately, I do not have the GTS for reference. I'm a fairly new cuber so I don't have a lot of the puzzles that were released before my time since there were a lot of new budget/mid-range 5x5s to hit the market more recently. I will probably have the MGC 5x5 soon for reference which will be a good comparison.

Just took it apart last week and lubricated it and done several solves, thoughts will be ready very soon.

Also, huge thanks to Moyu for sharing my first thoughts.


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