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[Review] Moyu Aochuang 5x5

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Ordway Persyn

Sep 24, 2014
Mimal the Elf's boot
Ordway Persyn
This Thread is for Reviews on the moyu Aochuang 5x5. vote in the poll and/or leave a Review Below

I got this in December From the Cubicle. Out of the box the thing felt dry and sandy, After about 700 solves it has become smooth and bumpy. It is fairly fast too.
corner cutting is over line to line and on some faces an Entire 2 cubies. It Reverse cuts well. This does get lockups and pops, but on my tensions there not common.
I'm currently Breaking in My Huachuang which is the successor to this cube, but currently this is better.

Grade B+ Recommendation: Maybe
I don't fully recommend because the huachuang fixes the issues of this cube and the Cyclone boys is cheaper and looks to be about as good
This does have really good outer layers so of Your Looking for a 5x5 with really good outer layers than this will be good.